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US Guided Soft Tissue & Joint Injections

Conditions treated in conjunction with other modalities

All conditions clinically assessed first

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Joint Arthritis


Ankle and subtalar joint Osteoarthritis

1st MTPJ of big toe (big toe joint) Osteoarthritis

Plantar fasciitis

Mortons Neuroma

Retrocalcaneal bursitis

Mid Foot joint Osteoarthritis

Inter metatarsal bursitis

Achilles tendinopathy/Hydrodilation/ Ultrasound based treatments


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Toenail treatment

Minor toenail surgery with partial nail plate ablation

 Full toenail removal

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Available for Orthopaedic Consultations in our Kings Lynn clinic. Please contact our  private secretary  to book an appointment. Telephone number: 01553 692531, Email: