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You may have heard the phrase ‘Baby’ Botox and wondered what it was about. Surely, it’s not to do with giving young children Botox injections?

Fear not! Baby Botox is a term that was first coined in the US. Back in 2003, Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann complained that the quest for eternal youth had led to an overuse of Botox among actors and actresses, leaving them with frozen faces and the inability to use the range of facial expressions needed to act.

Baby Botox refers to a treatment that emerged at the time, which used smaller amounts of Botulinum Toxin Type A in wrinkle reducing injections, so that they prevented the contraction of key facial muscles but allowed actors to keep their range of expression. Baby Botox wears off quicker than traditional Botox treatments, meaning actors and actresses could have the treatment between films but go Botox-free when filming.

These days, however, the gap between traditional Botox injections and Baby Botox has narrowed to the point that, for some clinicians, it doesn’t exist at all. The fear of having a frozen face remains the most common worry for people who’ve never had Botox before and we practitioners have long since realised that Botox treatments need to walk a fine line between being effective and looking natural.

Here at The Cosmetic Clinic, we don’t advertise Baby Botox as a treatment when offering Botox injections to our Peterborough patients. The reason for this is that no two treatments are the same. We will always take a light-handed approach to Botox – there’s nothing worse than seeing an over-treated, expressionless face. Our aim is that your friends and family will tell you that you look incredible but won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what work you’ve had done. It’s better to refine the results with a top-up treatment than to freeze your face to the point of inexpression with a heavy touch.

In experienced hands, Botox injections will be used at different depths and in different quantities, depending on the area of the face and the results we want to achieve. Some muscles may only need a small amount of Botulinum Toxin Type A for the treatment to be effective, while others may need more. This flexible approach also means that we can create a treatment that’s 100% unique to you and best enhances your individual features.

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