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When you have subtalar arthritis, you may experience pain on both sides of the foot, or just the outer side, from just below the ankle. Pain can also be felt from the dip which is found in front of the outer ankle bone. Because the subtalar joint – which is made up of the talus and calcaneus, and the space known as the sinus tarsi – plays an important role in allowing us to walk along uneven surfaces, subtalar arthritis may make it extremely difficult to walk on this type of ground, due to the stress which is placed on the joint.

You might find that subtalar arthritis symptoms get worse in cold weather, and that stiffness is especially bad in the mornings. Other common symptoms of subtalar arthritis include inhibited movement of the joint, swelling and a joint deformity, caused by a change in foot shape.

Subtalar Arthritis: This can be treated with an injection

Subtalar Arthritis after Fusion