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If you’re considering a cosmetic treatment of any sort, it’s essential that you do your research and choose the cosmetic clinic that best fits your needs. Even if you’re considering a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, your face and body are precious and you need to be treated in a respectful manner with an expectation of high standards of care and a positive outcome.

Here at The Cosmetic Clinic, we fully support potential and existing patients contacting several cosmetic clinics in Peterborough, or even further afield, to get a broad overview of the kinds of treatments available and the ethos of different clinics. By having a wider frame of reference, it should be easier for you to know when you’ve found the right clinic.

Red flags

If you come across a clinic that is offering time limited offers, we would urge you to be cautious as deals that put pressure on you to make your booking before a certain date go against current UK advertising regulations.

You should also be wary of clinics offering cosmetic treatments as competition prizes, as you may not be a suitable candidate for treatment. It is far better to receive individual advice after an in-depth consultation.

Another red flag is practices that over-glamourise procedures or promise unrealistic results, especially if you’re offered a photoshoot or makeover when you sign up. Every person is different and it is important to have a realistic understanding of what each treatment may or may not be able to help you achieve, as well as being fully informed about potential side effects.

Experienced cosmetic doctors and aestheticians

Most reputable clinics have an About page featuring information about the practice and the key staff. Ideally, you should be able to find out more about each doctor or aesthetician’s qualifications, where they trained, and their experience. If nothing else, this information should be discussed when you attend the clinic for your initial consultation.

Some cosmetic procedures – such as Botox® injections for excessive sweating or thread lifts – can only be performed by a doctor, dentist or independent nurse prescriber, whereas others – such as laser hair removal – can be performed by an experienced beauty therapist or aesthetician. We would always recommend that you seek any facial aesthetics or body sculpting treatments through a doctor-led cosmetic clinic.

Clear explanations and information

Back in 2014, a report by an Australian PR company, Edleman, on behalf of the Informed Beauty campaign for Allergan, highlighted that:

  • 90% of anti-wrinkle injection users claim that they are careful about what is injected into their face to minimise wrinkles
  • BUT 71% did not know what product they had received
  • 22% hadn’t had a discussion about the safety and potential side effects
  • 47% didn’t realise that there are different kinds of anti-wrinkle injections

This is clearly unacceptable. Any cosmetic clinic worth its salt will make sure that you are fully consulted about your treatment, the potential side effects, before and after care instructions, and much more. If you have questions – no matter how small they may seem – please do ask them.

We also believe that at a truly good cosmetic clinic, you will be given an honest but tactfully delivered opinion if the clinician believes that you aren’t a suitable candidate for treatment. Sometimes cosmetic treatment isn’t the way to go or there may be an alternative treatment that would be more appropriate.

If you feel you need to go away and think through your options before committing to a treatment, this should be absolutely fine with your chosen cosmetic clinic. The most important thing is that you feel consulted and in possession of all the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of the services and treatments available at The Cosmetic Clinic in Peterborough, call us on 01733 310090 to book an appointment.